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Quick Start Guide

Using our Statistics Tracker is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create a Golf Course
  2. Enter a Round of Golf
  3. Examine Your Statistics

OK, there's more you can do, but that will get you started.

Create a New Golf Course
  • Click on “Golf Courses” in the menu bar
  • Enter name of new course
  • Enter per-hole par values
  • Enter Per-Tee information†
  • Click on “Record Data” and you're done!
Edit an existing Golf Course
  • Click on “Golf Courses” in the menu bar
  • Check course(s) you wish to edit
  • Click ‘Edit Locations’ button
    • Or click “Select All and Edit” to edit all golf courses
  • Make changes such as name of course and par values
  • Change per-Tee information†
  • Click ‘Record Data’ button to save changes

Enter a Round of Golf
  • Click on “Enter Round” in menu bar
  • Enter the Round details
    • Date and Location (Your ‘Home Course’ is selected by default)
    • Name of Partners†
    • Category of Play†
    • Weather Conditions†
    • Which Tee did you use†
    • Any ‘comment’ you want to keep for yourself†
  • Enter your score and number of putts in the appropriate boxes
  • Enter the length of your Drive on holes you hit with your driver†
  • Put the distance your first putt was from the hole in ‘1st Putt Distance’
    • Once your ball was on the green. The fringe doesn't count
  • Enter the number of Fairways in Regulation (FIR)
  • Enter the number of Par Saves, Sand Bunkers hit, and Sand Saves†
  • Click on the ‘Record Data’ button to save your round

Categories of Play
  • Select “Categories” from the menu bar
  • Create a new category
  • Enter new category name in ‘Create New Category’ box.
  • Delete an existing category
  • Check the ‘Delete’ box next to the category you wish to delete
  • Rounds with the deleted category will now either have the name of the first category in your list or the category that you specify in the ‘New Name’ box
  • Change the name of an existing category
  • Enter the new name in the ‘New Name’ box
  • Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save your changes
  • Searching
    • Search your rounds by selecting any one or more ‘filters’
    • Common searches are:
      • By ‘Timeframe’; default is Year-To-Date
      • By ‘Location’; default is your home course
    • Filter by Tees, Partners, Conditions, Categories and Comments as well†
    • Change criteria and click ‘Refresh Display’ to see the results.

    If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer support is available by sending email to: support@cardcaddiegolf.com or use the ‘Contact Us’ link below.

    † These features are only available at the Enhanced level of service.

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